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Church Music and Songs


This site is meant to be a guide for anyone wanting to listen to the songs that we will be singing in the upcoming Church Service the following Sunday, at the Congregational Church of Goffstown, New Hampshire. There is nothing fancy here, just information with regard to the songs the Praise Team will be singing.

There are many people who like the contemporary Christian songs, but have never heard many of them before - so when they stand, the music begins, and the words are displayed, they have no idea how the song goes. There is no sheet music for them to follow, and (to them) it is a brand new song.

So, hopefully this site will be a place where people can see what songs and music we will have for the following Sunday's service, select the link for each song, and listen to a recording.

As time goes by we hope to expand on the information here and provide more help for you with regard to the music in our church.

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